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G x G Collective places a strong important on ethics, which includes giving back, being a socially and ethical business supporting and nurturing staff as well as giving back to not-for-profits.

Founder, Phoebes Garland is a passionate support and ambassador for Shake it up Australia Foundation and Adopt Change. 

In 2017 GxG started the collection with sustainable cruelty-free horn earrings which supported small communities in Vietnam and families. The animal wasn't killed for the horn but simply a by-product when it died of natural causes. Buffalo's are crucial animal supporting the Vietnamese in farming and used for milk and no part of the animal is wasted. We wanted to support the country of birth Phoebes Garland was adopted from and give back to small communities. 

In 2014, Director Robert Garland was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson's Disease and Phoebes Garland was invited and accepted to be an ambassador to Shake it Up Australia Foundation which ensures 100% of all monies raised goes to research directly in Australia and is partnered with the Michael J Fox Foundation.  Fighting Parkinson's Disease is a passionate cause as well as spreading awareness this disease is not a death sentence, but one you have to be pro-active with. 

In addition Phoebes is a proud ambassador for Adopt Change, the not-for-profit founded by Deborra-Lee Furness and is a passionate about all children having the ability to grow up in a safe nurturing environment. 

We regularly gift and support various charities to for fundraise including women who are recovering from a terminal illness or who are trying to get back on their feet after setbacks. 

We work with our suppliers, staff and agents in an ethical manner always ensuring prompt payment and never cancelling any orders with our suppliers including during COVID.

We understand a good working relationship is paramount to building a business and we hold this in high regard always.

We value our staff and have built and formed strong relationships with all our staff and interns. We have placed some of interns in jobs and love to keep in touch with them, seeing them thrive in their careers. 


We use Carbon Neutral logistic partners.

What is carbon neutral?

Increased carbon dioxide (and equivalent) - CO2e - levels are a significant and harmful contributor to climate change.

Most people don't consider the environmental impact of their online shopping deliveries – just clickety-click and, like magic, it's on your doorstep. But the logistics involved generate a huge amount of CO2 - over 10% of global CO2e emissions are from transport and logistics.

Being carbon neutral means that your net release of CO2e into the atmosphere is zero.

Basically, whatever CO2e you emit is cancelled out by a process known as 'offsetting' – that is, supporting projects that reduce emissions, like regenerating precious forest, replacing old equipment with more efficient technology, or even training communities in beekeeping!

Consumers are becoming better informed and more aware of the environmental impact of products and the services supporting them. 92% of customers are more likely to trust a company that supports social or environmental issues. 


Shake it up Australia


Adopt Change